Myth or fact about caucasian ovcharka

For last decades, hearings have collected so much around Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog), that we have decided to consider most popular of them in the separate page.

So: caucasian ovcharka — the best security dog in the world

To disagree is very difficultly. Territorial, unpretentiousness, distrustfulness to strangers, fury and uncompromising in struggle is not a praise, it is the validity! However it is not necessary to think, that the pedigree accessory can guarantee the irreproachable decision of security problems of any complexity. Special preparation is indispensable and there is nothing more harmful, than opinion, as if Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog) to train it is not necessary. Still as it is necessary! Simply these dogs are predisposed more than others to this job.

The wolfhounds living in private houses, do not require in walking them

Consequences of this «theory» — inclined the sagged backs, fast fatigue. We already spoke about this problem, therefore we shall remind only, that walking is necessary for physical development of a dog.

With caucasian ovcharka it is not necessary to «run them» and «load with weights»

It is really so. The best training for a wolfhound — long-term walk in one pace (a uniform continuous load).

Wolfhounds — the most dangerous and inconvenient dogs for the opponent

If to consider even the most primitive work on leash the picturewill be thefollowing. Dogs of factory «service» breeds behave as follows:having left for the length of the leash, very actively bark at the opponent, and then grab in the substituted forearm. In the same situation the wolfhound silently lowers a head, hardly recedes back, allowing to sag of the leash and thus not showing the opponent a distance on which it can leap forward, attacks around the equipment. If there is no possibility to reach , except for the substituted forearm, the wolfhound drives canines in equipment and pulls (a body and a head) tries «to tighten» the opponent under itself. What follows after that — better to not recollect… We shall remind also, that wolfhounds very rapidly «seize» fake situations and often refuse to carry out exercises, especially times after time. For example, already prepared Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog) send on «detention of the figurant» (in a sleeve). The dog runs in after , thus can mark the territory on the road. Having caught up with the opponent, it starts to pull on a sleeve… But as soon as the figurant «offends» a dog (for example, strong kick) he «spits out» the sleeve, and always tries to break to «flesh», i.e. not protected site of a body. If the trainer wishes to check , if the wolfhound works or not, that is a silly version — to adhere it in another’s territory and attack. But if to put an owner right next to him and to attack — it’s a different matter. But, certainly, to aspire it is necessary that the dog could work in any conditions. Besides it is not necessary to confuse check of working qualities by examining the prepared dog!

And the last: nobleness Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) is expressed and in unwillingness to catch up with the escaping (weak) enemy. Well and, certainly, it is impossible to forget about distinctions between «Caucasian Ovcharka». On Caucasus practice of protection by dogs of fortified cities was widely applied, destruction of the dogs who have bitten the person practiced in Asia. From here the explosive character of Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog). Asians are quieter and are not so unequivocal in relation to strangers.

Wolfhounds are so aggressive, that they cannot be contained in cities

Delirium! It is possible to talk profusely as much as necessary on this theme, but nothing in forces to deny the facts of statistical data. And they incontestably testify: wolfhounds in conditions of city, bite less, than Riesenschnauzers and Colli (4 % against 2,5 %), and are dangerous just as poodle (2,5). For the German shepherd the same parameter makes 19 % (!) It speaks rather simply: it’s not that owners of wolfhounds are more legislative than the «germans» owners, it is simple they perfectly understand, the fight with such dog can end for the person, and they do not test destiny — walk the dogs on the leash. As if to « social danger » socially safe can only be considered a dead dog.

If the person for any reasons provokes a wolfhound — what will you do? In fact if the person likes to run in front of the train he knows, what it could lead to. To demand to remove the wolfhounds from cities, first, illegal, and, secondly, it is real and possible if the requirement to forbid cars which kill people in huge quantities every day. Besides the same pistol in itself is safe. Danger not in it, but in the one who holds it in their hands. And one more convenient property of wolfhounds — precautionary behavior. It is possible to approve, that the same Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog) that is not inclined to deceive strangers: precisely shows the intentions, does not provoke to familiarities — petting, advances, etc. Certainly, it is possible to take offence at the driver of the car which has pressed an alarm horn and by that frightened you. But we shall be fair — it would be much worse to end up under wheels of the car.

Caucasian ovcharka — «stupid» dogs

It was possible to ignore simply these applications of layman’s, but we shall not do so, will do the opposite, we shall stop on it ,more in detail. As a rule, speaking about «dumbness» of wolfhounds, supporters of this theory mean «bad ability to train». And it is valid, wolfhounds are hard enough trained in receptions of obedience. No. No! First of all it is not necessary to put an equal-sigh between concepts «the dog intelligence» and «ability to train». With reference to people it is mind, intelligence and «sense of duty». This is not a secret to anybody , that for monotonous work (namely those is demonstration of skills of obedience) and for the work demanding implicit execution of the order, take people with low intellectual factor, and it is justified.

Then which dogs are «dumber»?
Besides one thing — to understand the made demand, and absolutely another — to agree with the need to execute. Yes, Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) differ with love of freedom, independence and self-respect, which consequence in their unwillingness to carry out absolutely unnecessary commands from their point of view. At last, imagine a situation when in an environment of several people you unexpectedly shout «Lay Down!» According to logic of some dog breeders those who will rush on a floor — clever and who felt it was necessary to stand — stupid!
We suggest to our readers to make a conclusions independently, but we remind: wolfhounds — not a servants! More likely they are soldiers — philosophers of the dog tribe.

Wolfhounds are capable to kill the wolf, a leopard, a bear

As to the wolf — it is absolutely true, but concerning other named animals…

Yes, some experts mention facts duels of these dogs with young leopards and young bears, but authors are inclined to believe that they are legends. Bear is capable with one paw to throw any dog breed to the ground. Representatives of family cat’s (the large sizes) easily cope with dogs owing teeth and claws, which are the instrument of murder. And last circumstance is especially important: any dog is absolutely not ready to original technics of conducting fight with cats — to impacts by the rear legs capable instantly to unstitch a belly. At all respect for the authors, it is hardly necessary to speak about it seriously.

Pit bull terriers «easy» wins fight against a wolfhounds

This is a very painfull question for the fans of Pits and Wolfhounds, both love proofs in the form of video recordings victories of their breed above the breed of opponents. Giving due to unique fighting opportunities of Pits, authors of this work consider necessary to pay favorable attention of readers to the following circumstances.

  1. Physical data of Caucasian Ovcharka (weight, the sizes of the jaw, fur a cover and thick skin on the neck) considerably surpass similar parameters in pits. 55 — 90 kilogram wolfhounds and 18 — 25 kilogram pits are too unequal opponents!
  2. In opinion of the professor Gourmet «the pit bull terrier has genetically fixed mental frustration ». It’s not an attempt to offend, it is ascertaining of the fact: that pits have absent taboo, inherent in all dogs: will to attack the bitch and the puppy, will to kill the relative.
  3. Fans of  «the mixed duels» are not in respect in any of «camps», and it is fair: it is impossible to arrange competition between the boxer and the badminton player! What occurs during the mixed duels? Layman’s do not understand, why the wolfhound stops fight with pit though could kill it without ceremony, considering its physical superiority. Meanwhile it’s all very simple. First, the wolfhound does not kill dogs (unless it is an accident). In the nature it would lead to downturn of defensibility of flight. With in several minutes the wolfhound repeatedly «wins» and ceases to see the sense of continuing a duel. Secondly, that is especially important, the main role here plays the circumstance, poorly known to general public: nobleness of wolfhounds in relation to the won opponent. We shall explain more in detail. Sometimes the people who are an expert wolfhounds, with a smile observe the reaction of unsophisticated public to tests. During fight one of opponents suddenly stops fight, and the judge then awards victory to its opponent, who is is torn to continue! Meanwhile all is simple: the first dog has refused to battle on the ground, that its contender has surrendered: has screamed or «has shown teeth» (has grinned). If we now shall recollect, that fights of pits are often accompanied by squeal it all becomes clear. Let’s note also, that Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) are capable to kill the enemy, but never aspire to kill the opponent-contender.

It is necessary to severely beat any wolfhound by the age of one year to prove the superiority

That is a good advice for the owners, who are not able to bring up the dogs. However what does it have to do with wolfhounds? In fact it is right in relation to dogs of any breeds. Wolfhounds are less than other breeds of dogs are inclined to family disassembles as extremely jealously concern to all and if the Rottweiler, for example, divides all people on «good» and «bad» the wolfhound on «his» and «another’s». But sometimes wolfhounds attack owners, and always it is consequence of mistakes of the owner. Very indicative case is recollected. Absolutely normal Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog), executed all commands of the mistress, and attacked her every time as soon as she tried to put a collar on him. We have arrived on a call and have seen the magnificent dog brought from Dagestan. Quiet, artful, not trained, but capable to resist to any enemy, it stood before us in all beauty:he was tenderly sticking a huge head into a hand of the mistress and minute later maintained the most severe fight with us. In conversation with the mistress it was found out, that he already had trainers, but for the following lesson they did not come any more…

Eventually it was possible to find out the reason of so unusual behavior. It has appeared, that when the puppy was 4 months, the son of the mistress has called a dog and has offered it a slice of meat… Through a lattice at a window. Wild (name of the dog) has instantly pushed a head through a lattice, and he could not get back . The puppy was terribly frightened and his aggressive reaction to any actions in the field of its neck was fixed. But as a whole wolfhounds less often than other representatives of the dog tribe are capable «to offend» a member of the family.
Obligatory condition — correct education.

Wolfhounds do not love children

The share of true is in it , but that concerns basically Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs), and in relation to unfamiliar children. Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) nevertheless first of all sees another’s, and then the child. At the same time, for the sake of justice, we shall notice, that to us any case when Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog) seriously injured the child is unknown. Their behavior has more likely warning character — so in flight the adult dog puts « in place » the gone too far puppy. But in any case you, the owner of a wolfhound, should in the situations connected with participation of children, be maximum close as the behavior of the last is absolutely unpredictable.

Wolfhounds — «dogs of one owner»

We are talking about the legendary fidelity of these dogs to the owner.
If to reject harmless aspiration of fans of wolfhounds to exaggerate all advantages of the breed it is the truth.
Working 8 years with dogs (training of a dog by the trainer in-home, without participation of the owner), we can approve: Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) much worse not only come into contact with the trainer, but also suffer separation from the owner. It is indicative, that «cannel dogs» the dogs who are in fact don’t have the owner, significantly easier to deal with and are quieter.
I can testify also, that when I should leave for short-term business trips, my Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dog) Vazhak refuses food.

Wolfhounds are too great for a content in city apartments

Distinctive feature of wolfhounds is independence. In an apartment they practically are imperceptible, especially adult dogs.

From caucasian ovcharka (caucasian mountain dogs) — all apartment in a dog fur!

Under condition of regular (once a week) brushing and though some cleaning of an apartment no problems for you will exist.
Let’s not recollect curative properties of knitted things from a wool of Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs), but we shall notice, that a wool of Caucasian Ovcharka — in a vacuum cleaner, but the Doberman — in a plate of soup. Doubtless advantage of a wool Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) — absence of a smell.

Native dogs are better then factory.

The question with native Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) is rather ambiguous and questionable.
Let’s try easy, without emotions, to define the basic positions:

  1. It is necessary to consider which dogs to consider native?
  2. Whether it is necessary to use native dogs in factory cultivation?
  3. How factory dogs are differ from native?
  4. What dog fans feel about natives?

We suggest to try to answer the put questions upside-down.

Layman’s are inclined to idealize natives. As it is not strange, but sometimes record in a family tree «the origin is not known» silt and, especially, «export from…» Causes the greater interest, rather than authentically known blood of outstanding manufacturers. Actually so generously wasted compliments far are not always justified. First, shepherds do not sell really good dogs, anyway to catch such dog extremely hard. Secondly, similar to a wolfhound «dog» in Voronezh, in Moscow, in Tbilisi all the same will be only «dog». In any case only the expert on breed can define value of a «imported» dog .

Native dogs have absence of adaptation to conditions of a megacity, sexual deformity and first of all distinguishes of greater typical fluctuations. Certainly, there are bad, both factory and native individuals. However, as well as good. Under equal other conditions the native always has that advantage, that it is minimally spoiled with human selection, and a factory dog — inherited attributes at posterity, adaptedness and presence of the information on blood. In our opinion, native dogs are necessary for using in breeding cultivation, in fact if in breed there are no blood lines, there is no inflow of fresh blood, it is inevitable for it degrade. Use of native dogs it is necessary, with mind. Here again we approach to our first question — it is necessary to consider which dogs to consider native? Unfortunately, the inhabitant does not understand that , yes — dogs could be imported, but not all imported dogs are native! In fact and on Caucasus also precisely select wolfhounds, as well as in Russia!

And last statement — seditious. If native to consider only deduced as methods of national selection flock dogs the majority of experts are inclined to consider quality of factory wolfhounds as higher, than quality of natives. Probably, gamble on «native origins» has generated the most ridiculous combination: in the «Bird’s market» of large city «shepherds» buy puppies from off-schedule (without documents) since they are cheaper, and then they are on sale in the same city as natives!

Myth or fact about caucasian ovcharka

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